How to: Traveling with Pets

After relocating with Nemo, I got a lot of questions from people asking the process, so I thought I’d blog about it.

Many airlines allow you to carry your pets in the cabin hold while travelling to different cities. This is actually a much much cheaper option than getting an agency to do it for you. And if it’s just relocation between cities and not countries, the process is quick.

I travelled with Jet Airways from Bombay to Delhi bringing my little one, well not little, she’s four. The process was quick, easy and she wasn’t even given a sedative.

Waiting at the airport. She didnt like the cage at all. Familiarize your pet beforehand with being comfortable inside a cage/box.

Here’s what you need:

  • A vet’s certificate saying your animal is fit to fly.
  • The animal’s vaccination chart and your license for the animal.
  • An IATA approved cage that allows your animal to move freely and doesn’t constraint their bodies.- You can get these at most pet stores and they cost anywhere from INR2000 to INR12000. The iron/metal body ones are cheaper. I bought a fantastic one for Rs. 2000 that is completely fold-able!

Should be big enough for them to sleep in, if they need to.

You don’t need to pre-book a ticket or anything. The airline charges you based on excess baggage which is usually 6 to 7 times the actual cost. For the Bombay – Delhi sector, Jet charged me Rs. 150 for Nemo and her cage. That roughly worked out to 22 kilos, so I ended up paying INR 3300 in total which is incredibly cheap.

Jet Airways more or less explains the procedure on its website, here.

One part scares me though:


What on earth do they mean by destroyed??

If you’re flying international there are other charges included like Rs. 275 for airline documentation and Rs. 1000 for handling and feeding etc. As long as the flight is not longer than 6-8 hours, you don’t need to sedate the dog, otherwise doctors advise a mild sedative to keep the animal drowsy as the change in altitude might traumatize them a bit.

At this point, i wanted to crawl in with her and keep her company. 😦

Remember to feed your animal atleast an hour to 20 minutes before going into the airport. Dehydration may occur, so if need be, keep some food and water inside the cage as well. Put a well labelled sign on the cage with your name, the animals name, her age and your flight details along with your phone number.

I got to the airport 3 hours in advance for a domestic flight, they checked us in and asked me to wait in the lounge area with Nemo. About 30 minutes prior to the boarding call, they called for us and you get to accompany the animal through back-end security and from there a porter takes them to load them onto the flight.

I broke down at this point. Nemo was so clueless and so helpless. She was also scared and didnt know what was going on. I could see her from the plane, i cired. Hard. 😦

Each Boeing aircraft has an animal hold near the nose of the plane that is pressure / temperature controlled. This is especially made for animals. And then once you arrive at your destination, a porter will bring your animal near the conveyor belts for pick up.

I won’t lie to you, the entire process had me very stressful but by the end of it i was please with Jet services and the care they took 🙂 I’d do it again if i had to :).


3 thoughts on “How to: Traveling with Pets

  1. This is a lovely post. Doesn’t apple to me, though, as I don’t have a doggie (always wanted one, though!)
    And that last photo is just too sad 😥

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