Learn to be grateful for the small things – Day 1

So lately life has been tough and i have been VERY negative. I’ve reveled in my depression and invited misery. But yesterday as i sat and thanked my God for everything that i DO have despite my misfortune, i broke into tears. I allowed myself to cry and to bawl even.

It dawned on me at how selfish i had been, selfish to myself, to my soul. Even through my hurt when people came to me with their problems, I’d take out my sewing kit and stitch their hearts and patches all the while allowing myself to come undone. While i will still continue to help and reach out, i will also sit myself down every morning and be grateful for all that i have.

Thanks to Jaclyn Rae (you SHOULD visit her blog, she’s a genius at 23!) and Valeska (my strength in times of need and someone who i can be depressed with and know that things will be okay) I have started a 30 day gratitude challenge. Let’s devote 30 days of month to be thankful for something new everyday! This challenge requires you to go through quotes from the Bible and i’m aware that many of you may not be Christian or even be atheist.. but i urge you to go through the questions in the challenge even if just to introspect.

I’ll post the Bible verse in the section below so you dont have to even dig out or search for the passages! Hey! I’m making this easy-peasy for you! Be grateful, no excuses!

Once you’re done with your challenge, head on over to the comments and tell me what you think? Or what you are grateful for, let’s spread some joy!

Gratitude Challenge – Day 1

Challenge - Day 1

Colossians 3: 12-17

So, get going already!

Buckets of love, coming your way! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Learn to be grateful for the small things – Day 1

  1. Yay!
    You are the best! Made it really easy peasy for the readers… and expressed yourself – as always – in such a perfect way. I tend to do the same as you, fix other people’s problems while I am crumbling inside…
    Let’s keep spreading the gratitude and the LOVE!!
    I’m so happy you decided to do this challenge with me!

    • Hi J! I though i’d mail you my thoughts, since i send Valeska them as well but i figure they were on the blog anyway! If you’re doing the challenge too then send it to me and i’ll reply! I’m so glad i have you! Our God is great! He binds us together with love and ties across continents!

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