She let her hair fly in the wind as her dress swept the floor she walked upon. she crossed the hallway and pushed the doors open.

Her heart took in all that she could see, she clutched her chest. The cavity where her heart used to be. Her tanned skin shone in the night.

He touched her face as he kissed her. She felt his breath on the nape of her neck. She remembered his touch, his kiss, his fingers. His nose as he went down to kiss her belly. She reached out to touch his fingertips.

She broke. He wasn’t there.

She lay there on her knees. Clutching her memories as the moonbeams moved through her hair. He was a figment of her imagination. He once wasn’t.

She lay down on her side, bleeding tears that let go her love and her emotions. She surrendered.

He broke through the doors running towards her, reaching out to her.

She was gone.


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