Day 7 – Gratitude can only make you happier

So it has been a week since we started this challenge.. Do you feel different? I know i do, i feel lighter and happier and it’s so much easier to stop being upset or angry when in the moment of heat, you relax and talk to God thanking Him for the things you do have and the people you love.

Luke 17: 11-19

The challenge is relatively easy, but how many of us will actually do it? Or remember to do it?

Day 7

Tell me about your week so far… and through this challenge. Please? Pretty please?

Have a super Tuesday,

❤ M.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Gratitude can only make you happier

  1. I have this habit of praying to God whenever i pass a temple, mosque, church. I just take his/her name and thank, i don’t thank for anything but i thank him for everything. My mom once told me that if you thank the god even for the troubles you receive, he/she’ll gift you something.

    On one of my trips to kolkata, while coming back i missed the train by 2 mins. That was the first time i missed a train, and didn’t know how to react. So, i just said, thanks god maybe you have planned something for me.

    I again got my return ticket done and two days later while sitting at Railway station around 12 AM as the train was at 5 AM. I saw a cute girl, i have this habit of writing poems on strangers, so i wrote one on her to pass my time. I am a very shy guy, and decided i’ll keep the poem with myself and won’t give it to her as i do everytime when i write a poem on stranger.

    But something inside me kept pushing me to gift that poem to her, this thing never happened. Nor did i develop a crush on her, it was just that i wanted to gift this poem to her for some unknown reason which was boiling inside me. She was sitting near me and it took me 4 hrs to decide that yes, i’ll give her the poem.

    I got up from my seat, and proceeded towards her. The person sitting next to her got up as there was an announcement for his train. It felt like he left the seat for me only. I went sat next to the girl, for next 30 mins i sat there. I felt like this will never happen, but suddenly the paper fell down from my hands and she picked it up. She opened the piece of paper and read the poem.

    Her family was also with her, she made all of them read it. I felt like now is the time when they abuse or slap you. But her mom hugged me and gifted me a Bible. She said always keep it with yourself.

    It’s been 6 months, maybe the worst 6 months of my life. And trust me because of that bible i have passed these months while smiling. It helped me a lot, i didn’t know much about the Christianity as i’m a Hindu, but still i read various chapters and felt light in all the times of trouble.

    I wouldn’t have got the bible if i hadn’t missed that train. And without this bible, i wouldn’t have been able to survive. 🙂

    • What a lovely story! And yes, i know what you mean. I’ve noticed too that when i turn to God, most of the time, things get calmer. Many of them start to make sense and i feel at peace. Thank you for sharing Abhi. :*

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