She stared at the screen in front of her, the cursor blinking on an empty page flashed rapidly. Her fingers shaking in despair.

He spoke to her every day feigning interest, falling in love. He loved her quirkiness but she was about to destroy his happiness.

She typed long and hard, beating the keyboard with every last bit of emotion she had. She knew that these feelings were new and that they had to be got rid of immediately. She was going to tell him, she was going to let go.

They met for coffee everyday after work, they lived together. He loved to sit near her and smile lovingly. Caress her hair and touch her. She listened to him every chance she got.

She couldn’t believe how much she actually had to say, she was 6 pages through already and still felt she hadn’t said enough.

He was in love. But he couldn’t say it. He hid it from her.

She found out about the other women and pressed ‘send.’

Photo Credit: Matt Monath (flickr)



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