Day 8 – Eat some tasty humble pie.

Remember what i said a few posts ago? It’s always easier to be bad or meaner than to be humble and thank God when you are upset or angry.

It’s always easier for us in a situation to get angry quicker and yell at everyone around us or complain that things arent going right and we don’t know why. The Lord knows how often I have done it in the last couple of weeks. We always feel we’re a victim of our situations… but recently i’ve realized more often than not, we put ourselves in those positions.

So the next time you’re fighting with someone and want to yell or hate the way you’re life is going… Stop. Breathe, thank God that you can breathe, that you can feel, that you can emote, that you HAVE someone to fight with, that you have LIFE!

Day 8

JAmes 4: 6-10

Sometimes writing what we whine about can be personal, so just think about it instead :*

Happy Wednesday blog reader,




2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Eat some tasty humble pie.

  1. That’s such a wonderful post. Seriously, i liked this one a lot.

    And yes, everyone thank god during happy times. But special ones are those who do the same even in the troublesome periods. 🙂

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