Day 10 – No eye has seen, nor ear heard

I have no food but i am thankful for the days i did have food. I have no money but i am thankful for the days that i did have money.

For yesterdays challenge, i did something that my heart wanted me to do… a friend called up because she was homeless and needed a place to stay. I called everyone i knew to find her something but to no avail. She’s in a different city so i couldnt offer her my place, the only thing i could think of doing was giving her all i had and hope it gets her by. So i sent all my money to her, all the money i had was borrowed because i had no food or money myself but i sent it out. And it made my heart happy.

While she is homeless, i have a home. I was thankful.

I’m back to Square 1 and starving but slightly happier that i could help her.

Be good to yourself, be great to others. Happiness in small doses.

Day 10

1 Corinthians 2:6-16


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