He knows you by name

V, my beautiful beautiful friend sent me another mail last night and i just had to put it up! It’s a direct copy/paste from what she sent me.

I love this girl because although i know she’s going through so much herself, she doesnt let me give up. She doesnt deter from her mood because i’m being silent and grumpy. She pushes me to be the best i can be. I love you, V.


He was a very intelligent man but he did not believe in the existence of God or anything beyond his material world.

One day, he was closing the pharmacy when a child arrived in tears saying that her mother was feeling ill and that if she did not take a medicine, she would soon die. Very nervous and after the child’s insistence, he decided to reopen the store to get the medicine. His insensitivity towards that moment was such that he ended up taking the medicine even in the dark, handed it to the child, who thanked him and walked out hastily. Minutes later, he realized he had given the wrong medicine for the child and, if that mother was to take it, it would be instant death.

Desperate, he tried to reach the child but was unsuccessful. Screamed in despair … and time passed and nothing happened.

Not knowing what to do and with a guilty conscience, he kneeled and began to cry and say that if there really was a God, may he not let him look like a murderer.

Time passed and he was on his knees, thinking that the woman might already be dead, and certainly he would have to pay for it.

Reflected on his excesses, on his bad temper and especially on his folly.

He suddenly felt a hand touch her left shoulder and he turned to see the child in tears. He became
disconsolate. But he knew one thing for sure: God does not exist. He could already imagine what would happen next.

However, as a flash of wisdom, he asked the boy what had happened. Then the child began to say: – “Sir, please do not be angry with me, but I fell and broke the glass of medicine, could you give me another?”

God exists and knows you by name.

He always wants the best for you, no matter if the circumstances suggest otherwise.

Believe in this love that is greater than any of your problems, even if they are huge and difficult to resolve.

Believe in the better life he has prepared for you!

Believe in love! Do not consider this message as religious, it is much bigger than religion.

It is a message about God’s love that makes you be near him. Religion has never made people sons and daughters of God.
Who makes you next to your Father is this love.

Believe in every moment of this day as if they were miracles performed just for you because you are, surely, one of the miracles of God here on earth.

Photo Credit: krajjames (flickr)


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