Day 11 – What if God didnt die for us?

Today’s challenge really requires you to think. I, myself, actually pondered over the thought of Jesus giving up His life for us? If He didnt, how would it matter? Would we be Catholics? Or Jews? And if we were Jews, would Christ starting His ‘own’ religion and expecting us to follow make sense?

I question my faith and stories from the Bible all the time but then i also remember the times I’ve turned to Him and believed He was looking over me and taking care of the tiniest of details. Faith isnt so much of knowing the facts… It’s more to do with belief. He does exist even when we feel He isnt there.

Our God is beautiful and strong and when we have Him on our side, nothing really matters. He is our calm during the storm, the only person we can truly ever, ever be ourselves with. And today, i am grateful i have such a loving, merciful and forgiving Lord.

Day 11

Romans 5: 1-11


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