Day 12 – Do you have the attitude of gratitude?

Although i may seem repetitive time after time with the things i say, it’s because i cant even begin to tell you how a little change in ‘attitude’ makes so much of difference.

Before i started this challenge it was so easy to blame and accuse and be angry with everything. While i still find myself upset and angry sometimes, i find it occurring a lot less. When you are thankful for even the rough situations, you begin seeing it in a completely different way. For example, i keep feeling this loneliness and broke situation in my life will make me learn to appreciate the times I have great company and money to do the things i love, more. To cherish the people who make life worth living and to be grateful for the money i earn.

So the next time you feel like getting murderously angry, be grateful that you can feel that emotion. It means that you’re still human and capable of ANY emotion.

Day 12

3 John 1-4

Happy Sunday,



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