Day 15 – Thank Him for your problems.

V and I were talking the other day about how it’s difficult to picture God in any other way apart from being good and forgiving and happy. And that our regular reflexes dont take him as someone who is to be blamed and be angry at for our problems, while that makes absolute sense, it’s also to do with how we look at it.

When things are going well and we are happy and the world seems like a nice place to live in, God is in our life. We know He is there but we dont go to Him. We thank Him and that’s the end of it. When things are spiraling downhill and we have lost hope, that’s when we actually kneel down and turn to Him and want to feel Him around us. So maybe, the problems you face is just Jesus’ way of saying, “I  still love you, I am here for you. Turn to me and I will make everything better.” or “Gentle Reminder: You have me.” Regardless, be thankful IN everything.

Day 15

Psalm 50: 14-15

Psalm 50 - 23

Happy Wednesday!

<3, M.


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