Day 18 – Stop Whining!

We all love to complain! I mean why stand up for take responsibility when we can blame and complain and feel better about ourselves, right? WRONG!

So, today’s challenge is pretty interesting. I disagree with most of what the challenge has to say and a bit of the passage as well, i don’t think the Lord will ‘punish’ you for complaining or grumbling. He is too merciful and forgiving for that. I know that always complaining and grumbling will make you go away and will not bring you closer to go. Instead we should thank Him for our blessings and let Him take on our short-comings and problems.

Like the passage says in the end, God doesnt give you problems you can’t handle and even when He does, He gives you a way out of it as well. Stop the grumbling long enough to see that way.

Most importantly, if He put you to it, He will pull you through it.

Day 18

1 Corinthians 10: 1-13

Happy Weekend!



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