Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?

The reason i chose to expose my heart on Twitter and this blog is simply because i hoped that in some corner of this twisted universe someone would read it and understand. Just understand. They didnt need to reach out or do anything. Just nod silently, anonymously in approval of what i was feeling. That thought comforted me.

But Life has a funny way of working out. I got more mail with people reaching out that i could possibly imagine. And i found myself confiding in these strangers, there people across the radar who knew nothing about me. But understood. Understood the words.

One of them was Sophia… Such a beautiful heart. She didnt know my insecurities, the intricacies of my problems, my dark side, she just chose to believe. Believe that i could be better, that i deserved better, that i would be okay. She disregarded my hardships and motivated me to see the big picture. I am thankful for her friendship. Out of all the people who wrote and conversed, she was the only one who was constant and i loved that about her. Also she ALWAYS had perfect timing. Her mails would usually (now when i think about it, it’s freaky) come at a time when i was depressed and i’d instantly cheer up! Like a little school girl!

I love you girl. Sophia, this post is for you.

I was pleasantly suprized to receive goodies from her this morning. On an otherwise dreary day with colleagues literally piling ‘to-do’ items on my list that would ensure I had no weekend, Sophia, my angel sent me some really really pretty stuff! Sophia, I won’t tell you what I think, wait for my goodies to reach you!

Sunshine on my desk.

My two post-its today are dedicated to her:


Friends forever.




8 thoughts on “Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?

  1. And wow, I love the post-its…that’s what I just wanted 🙂

    I hope you read the message in the bottle…that’s so you 🙂

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