30 days of me – Day 3 – Does perfect exist?

Today’s challenge is to post my idea of the perfect date.

What constitutes a perfect date? The good-bye kiss? The exchange of numbers? Drunk romps in the dark that disappear with sunlight? Hangovers?

I think it’s a misnomer. Perfect date. Ha! More so if it was a blind date.

However, I’ve been on some really good dates.

If i had to pick a date that i thought would be perfect, i’d say i’d want to go and watch a sports match. I think it brings out every facet of a man or woman. Even if a woman isnt particularly interested in sports, the passion, the adrenaline rush that fills a stadium is insane.

I hate dress-up dates, it’s my first date and i’d rather be comfortable than have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions all evening through. Jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt would do just fine, thank you very much. For me a first date is about having a good time, i dont want to get to know you, i dont want to know how many girls have hurt you. I want to know that even if this doesnt result in a relationship that we are compatible even if on a platonic level.

I want to dance, get drinks, watch a game, laugh so hard that i cry, hold hands and walk drunkenly through the streets, sit on rocks by the sea, talk, walk, laugh some more. Paint pictures with our fingers as paint brushes, laugh at you burping out the alphabet, nudge you when i see something funny in the distance.

This is my first date, i want to be your friend first.

JUMP! (Picture courtesy: missdayuelacroix.blogspot.com)

P.s. My blogger friend who’s doing the challenge, her posts can be found here > http://www.ektz.in


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