30 days of me – Day 4 – Bestfriend schmestfriend!

Today’s challenge is to put up my favorite picture of my ‘best’ friend. I dont believe in best friends because i somehow think as humans we all have our flaws and no one will ever really not judge you or at any given point know that they will ALWAYS out your needs before theirs in a crisis.

I have close friends, confidants, oldest friends but i consciously choose NOT to have a best friend.

Not when i have one that loves me and accepts me by default. Not when all the world is walking out on me and this one is showing the finger. Who needs a best friend when i have one who knows all my secrets even when i dont tell them. Who knows my thoughts and feelings before i even think or feel them.

Why go through years of fighting and making up and getting to know each other inside out when you have someone who’s been with you from birth?

My best friend. My only friend. Ma.

My favorite picture of my best friend.


3 thoughts on “30 days of me – Day 4 – Bestfriend schmestfriend!

  1. You are absolutely right M. A girls best friend can only be her Mom. So very true.

    Am absolutely loving your challenge. And tell you what? I have take a secret challenge of one week. And it’s working and I am working towards attaining that tiny goal.


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