30 days of me – Day 8 – A song to match my mood!

So I’ve gone off track with this and missed 5 WHOLE DAYS – Bear with me, I’m going to write 5 posts in a row!

Anyhoo, coming to Day 8’s challenge, I recently went through a terrifying experience (while may be the reason for my aversion to blog) of being sexually assaulted and VERY close to being another rape statistic on the Gurgaon statistic scene. I havent told my parents and I’m hoping my mother doesnt read this.

Right now, I feel no self-worth and very dirty. How can something like this happen? If this is karma, then i’ve got the definition all wrong. I question my existence, i question my worth, i question everything.

One thing that remains constant is my faith, I know the Lord is preparing me for something great and until that happens, this will be my anthem.


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