30 days of me: Day 16-20 – Argh this seemed shorter than i thought!

Day 16 – Your celebrity crush

Goodness me! I like crushing, literally. Having a crush is for pussies.

Day 17 – A photo of you and your family

Sadly i have no recent ones. And no, i will not upload older ones so you can laugh at me.

Day 18 – Something you crave alot


Day 19 – Another picture of yourself


With a face like mine, im surprised the camera doesnt refuse to click.

Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name:

Umm.. i loved polka dots growing up, i had the prettiest rainbow colored dress with a swishy skirt (you know the ones you wear only to twirl around as they flare up around you) that had the prettiest polka dots. I’ve been closet obessessed. I’ve ALWAYS got one item of clothing on me at any given time that has polka dots. If you cant see it on the outside, you know where it is. 🙂 And i loved the punk-rock error, go ahead, stereotype me.

The blog title was born when I tried to figure out what kind of posts i would write and i knew i was best at being opinionated, so adventure. While not all posts are positive, neither are all adventures.


One thought on “30 days of me: Day 16-20 – Argh this seemed shorter than i thought!

  1. You are BEAUTIFUL, M. That caption on your photo makes me sad. I pray that God will let you see how lovely you are to the rest of us 🙂 You deserve the world, darling!

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