Are viral videos smart or dangerous?

I’m a YouTube whore and i love all things Youtube because it has always had something for me, no matter if i wanted to spend 2 minutes or 20 minutes. And the good lawd knows how much i love Ray William Johnson ( the irony of Johnson there is not lost on me). But also music and a place for my podcasts and what not.

And don’t get me started on the viral videos! How i love them! That 2 minutes of someone’s intelligence put forth in video is brilliance undefined. I keep watching them because it shows me what I need to look out for, for my own clients and how something as inexpensive and easy as a video can have huge returns for a client.

Here are some of my favorites, not always for a brand though..


2. Bed Intruder

3. Old Spice

I think they’ll always be favorites, especially that Old Spice one. More so because who doesnt like looking at dreamy men?

Then a few days ago, a friend on Twitter, linked me to the following two videos:

1. Reay Road Boys

2. Pakistan Bike Wheeling

The videos have spread like wildfire mainly because it’s something out of the ordinary and the people performing these tunts seem normal enough. Disclaimer or not, videos like this ensure, ‘other’ daredevils attempt the same. Bombay had its first victim yesterday. Read about it, here.

These videos, while viral and interesting, SHOULD NOT be tried at home. So my question is, to what extent are viral videos really helpful?

While an inexpensive way to ‘advertise’, does it REALLY contribute to sales? Or conversions? Yes, it has the potential to reach millions but it also has the potential to reach thousands of young easily influenced youth.

I think the onus lies with the makers of the video, who need to keep in mind they kind of people who will watch their virals and becareful not to overstep any lines, while this is India and a slight spank on the wrist is what the notorious will get… I’m sure, most failed / dangerous virals are just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

What do you think?


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