My favorite Twitter DP’s

So, as the title suggests. If  beauty is skin deep, then this post isnt for you.

Some of my favorite display pictures are below and in alphabetical order. Because i have OCD. Shut up.

1. @cgawker – One of the most misleading pictures on the planet. But if it helps, he does pee rainbows.


2. @EclecticV – How can you NOT like this picture? Funnily enough, this probably brings out his personality the most. Despite his morbid, sometimes i-hate-life-so-much tweets, he’s fun and so so so so smart. He’s also socially awkward but once he starts talking only duct tape and a roofie might get him to stop.


3. @Limeice – She’s one of the most fascinating people i know. Although she doesnt think the same, she’s accomplished SO MUCH at her age (yes, she’s younger than I am) and she’s still going great. Her work is inspiring and there’s a lesson in committment we all can learn from her. She’s the complete package – funny, fun, creative and pretty. Need i say more?


4. @McDarkTwisty – How pretty is this picture? So intriguing!


5. @OutofOrdr – I think this has been my favorite DP for the longest time ever. Also OutofOrdr (don’t worry, i know his real name too) is truly like this in real life, minus the beard. If anyone asked me if i knew what i’d look like when i’m old and grumpy, i wouldnt know, but i sure do know that OutofOrdr would look EXACTLY like this.


6. @Phrasor – Look at that head of hair! So much charm and yumminess! Also possibly because that’s what i look like when i wake up every morning.


7. @SindianTadka – I adore this. I love the intrigue and the mystery. His tweets too just add to that desire to know the face behind this excruciating beautiful human being.


8. @StonerJesus – Probably the only DP that reflects his tweets. High. Thassal.


9. @utosepia – Every time i see her on my TL, every thing else drowns out and all i hear is, ‘Oh i wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair, in 77 and 69 revolution was in the air, i was born too late to a world that doesnt care, oh! i wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair’


10. @zoromadonna – I ❤ ❤ ❤ this, simply because if i ever wanted to picturize my life, this would probably be it. The ladyness but with a hint of sneakers.


What are your favorites?


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