C ode word: Kaala Gulaab

So, someone did this for me at a time i needed it the most.

There are time when our problems don’t seem to end and they might not. Atleast not now. But God NEVER tests the weak. Also no one fights a lonely battle, we’re all fighting it together, yet uniquely.

R, you are a wonderful wonderful human being. Know that there are beautiful things ahead for you and that this is a tiny bump on your path to greatness. Know that you shone a light in my life when I had none and you gave me hope, even if you didnt know it. Your words have touched me, your kindness has made me realize that humanity does exist even if we are a thousand miles apart.

I love you, please don’t give up. Don’t ever let anything get you down and if ever you need a friend or a punching bag, i’ll be around, for all eternity. But be nice, i bruise easy.

This is also true for ANYONE fighting a battle, big, small, way out, no way out. The BEST advice i have ever received came from 2 boys who barely knew me, they still don’t but i’ll never forget what they said:

Remember darling, ride it until the next wave out!”Dhruv Pande – I even put this up on a post-it on my desk. I looked at it everyday and believed in it and I was out before i knew it.

“Things will not always be easy and they may not even get better very soon, the ride may be long and bumpy and sometimes you’ll question if it’s even worth it, it sometimes isnt. But regardless of how you feel right now and how terrible your situation seems, things will fall into place and YOU WILL BE OKAY.”Srinivas – This has stuck with me for the longest time. And funnily, enough i now tell this to anyone i know who’s fighting a tougher battle. It’s VERY true and doesnt have a sugar-coat and i was weirdly comforted by the thought at the time.

❤ ❤ ❤

Tough times dont last but tough people do

You are brave

Free your heart.

I've never seen it this way...


What can be.


This isnt the end.


[All pictures taken from weheartit.com ]


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