When you need hope…

So i recently joined this website that allows people to share pictures, share dreams, share secrets and share life; all through pictures. It’s funny how my mood today was lifted just by these pictures.

Just remember that we’re all in this together, no matter which part of the world you are. No matter when the nights seem tough or the days are long, know that there’s someone, somewhere across the world. Who’s thinking about you, hoping you are well and wishing all the good things in life for you.

Hope, wake up.

Dear Destiny


Believe...brighter days ahead.

Tiered hopes...

One day at a time...

DoOd, double rainbow...

DoOd, double rainbow...

Shine. Sparkle. You.

Frosting. Yum.

You are delicious. Never forget.


[All images link to original post]


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