August Leaves

I’m not very good at rhyming. But I never back down from a challenge. This one is co-authored by @bangdu and I. His lines are in italic.

August leaves, the heart beat heaves,

the sweet song readies its hum

The sun peeks, the rhymester speaks, and here – September comes.


She bid goodbye, onto her sky…my skin yearns her touch

Will come to me, And she can see – the heartache echoes ever so much

The wind carries me through the day

his memories cloud my skies.

His cheerful touch, my cheeky grin

his curly hair, my loving sighs.

A whisper here, a shout there

Reality has come – leaving me bare

He isnt near, neither dear

just memory of fleeting stares.

Hints in twlight hues, in setting suns n kisses due,

she brngs me my morn

I sigh,I cry,I wing i fly,in her cleavage i lie,my spirit -reborn.

She draws me to her creakin throne,

where providence shone, and made me vow

I held her close, with erotic prose, She said “Rhyme me. NOW”

I lunged into him, in all despair

my fingers caressed his face, i entered his lair

the passion held me, his fingers moved me my lips.

I was a prisoner of my mind, for this man wasnt real

i could hear him speak, my heart meek.

Lonesome feel.

Deep breaths I took, deep words I spoke,

U shut me with ur mouth

 I thrust in you, i just had to, I was empty and over and out.

You filled up sense, you stripped off pretense, you whispered sex in my soul

 You lit me up, You drank from my cup, you make n break me whole.

I arched my back, listening to my stretching neck crack

I hovered above him, the lights were dim

He pressed into me lustfully, i swayed against him playfully.

The crack of spine, the laid-fresh mine, I stepped on it blindfold

She exploded instead, i rose from the dead, went under hammer n got sold.

The cracked deal dealt, the feathered bed melts,

the sweat dissolves to smoke.

She drew in a chasm, my own private spasm, and then my heart she broke.

My body spent, my loins dry

my thoughts aflutter, this man my clutter.

I slipped away into the darkness, leaving him lifeless.

I had him, in the way i wanted

my senses overjoyed, my soul haunted.

It wasnt love, it wasnt peace; it was fire, my lusts release.

In smouldered skin, with peace within, I picked up my life

Sword sheathed, my heart breathed, ready for another strife.

My head turns, my heart burns, I can smell you on my skin.

Your parting laugh, just wasn’t enough, please..once more..once more..let’s sin.


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