Run as far and wide as you need to, you’ll never be far from God.

I am happy. I have nothing. I have no one. I have God. I don’t need more.

I’ve had a lot of struggles, but EVERY struggle was a plan God had to get me closer to him. I’m not an extremist but i do have faith. You’re welcome to your own creed, i won’t judge you nor snub you for it. We ALL need to believe in something. I have Jesus. He has me.

God Is Getting You Ready

‘…first sit down and estimate the cost…’ Luke 14:28 NIV

Love. All encompassing.

Before God gives you more, He observes you with what you already have.

Furthermore, when He speaks a word over your life it’s like a seed; it needs time to take root and sprout. If God has planned it for you, don’t be impatient;

 ‘…wait for it; because it will surely come…’ (Habakkuk 2:3 KJV)

 Patience develops in us the ability to stand up to the pressures that accompany blessing.

Your reason for everything

Look back; aren’t some of the things you’ve been through the very things that have equipped you to handle what you have now?

Had God given them to you sooner you couldn’t have handled them, and He loves you too much to let that happen.


 if you’re having difficulty handling criticism from a few people, how would you cope if God made you pastor or company president? Are you ready to pay the price? And, more importantly, are you able to pay it?

 The more God gives you, the more He holds you responsible for.

 Jesus said, ‘No man builds without counting the cost.’

❤ haha ❤

 Whatever you’re going through today, there’s great peace in knowing that nothing the enemy does can pre-empt God’s plan.

So, ‘Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act!

Keep travelling steadily along His pathway and in due season He will honour you with every blessing.’ (Psalm 37:34 TLB)

Rejoice; God is getting you ready.




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