New is ALWAYS better.

I was watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ the other day (yes, im a lameass) and Barney said something that may have changed the way i look at non-material things, he said ‘NEW is ALWAYS better.’ So what if i’m feeling a certain way, i will feel new again. I know it’s not what he meant literally but i like the thought.

A few of my friends have recently either broken up or divorced and while i’ll never understand the idea of relationships anymore (most probably because i suck at it) i know how betrayal and hopelessness feels like. I just want to say, ‘It’s only as bad as you make yourself feel. Also when you think that it’s incredibly tough, it WILL get tougher and when it can’t get ANYMORE tougher, it becomes okay. It wont go away easy or quickly, you might change, you might become cold, you might get wiser, regardless, time is your only healer. You WILL BE OKAY.’

To one of my friends in particular who is this bubbly girl with so much of energy and so much of heart-ache, this post is for you.

I love you more than the above.

That's right, sistah!


You know it's true.

And incase you forget...



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