Putting the sexy in Skin Care since 1851

So the girls and I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the Kiehls India office yesterday.  You’ll here no complains from us! There were mimosas and food! We were three VERY happy girls on our way to beautiful skin!

❤ The Grrlz and I ❤

So to share our joy, Kiehls India is giving you gaiz a chance to win some fab fab fab goodies that the girls and I absolutely love. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Have a Twitter account (Because it’s what ALL the cool kids are doing)

2. Mention: Follow @KiehlsIndia & Use #KiehlsMumbai

3. Tweet to me ( @LilMissIssues ) describing yourself in 6 words using the KIELHS letters. E.g. Kind, Intelligent, Entertaining, Loving, Horrible, Saucy. (FYI all of the above is true about me except Kind, Intelligent, Entertaining, Loving,  Saucy )

4. MUST use #KiehlsMumbai in all tweets.

Image Credit: welt.de


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