25 Summer Songs That Will Instantly Put You In A Good Mood


Thought Catalog


It may not technically be summer yet, but it’s not snowing anymore hooray! Now that you can actually roll down your windows, here are 25 songs to turn up loudly and lower your shades when someone attractive pulls up next to you at a red light. Oh yeah.

1. Spin Doctors – Two Princes

Why is the lead singer trying to get this girl to choose him and also insisting she buy him flowers?

2. Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me

Shaggy is either the best defense attorney of all time or the absolute worst defense attorney ever.

3. Nelly – Country Grammar

If “shimmy cocoa puff” means something sexual or illegal, please don’t let me know. I like to just pretend that Nelly really likes cereal and I don’t want that to be ruined.

4. Hanson – Mmmbop

I would’ve loved to have been in the room when the chorus…

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